RECENT WORK  Since early 2007 I have been working on
series dealing with the low country and environmental issues. Though
the subject changes the style of work has an ongoing concern for the
material and surfac of the work.
These pages are of work which is in current exhibition or available for
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ARCHITECTURE  I am drawn to the spaces
expressed as secondary whenever we build, the
places that lie between.

For my first six years I lived in New York and then a
hiatus for twelve years in a rural setting. Since then I
have spent over forty years of my life in various,
amazing, vital urban constructs. These paintings
explore that world.
ENTER: During this ongoing transition from life in the
monastery to life as an artist images which suggest
choice and the risk of change emerge.
PASSAGE: This series of paintings is about the ritual
and the formal aspects of change. I pay particular
attention to people and places that are emblems of

The Telfair Museum of Art in Savannah has recently
begun construction of the Jepson Center for
Contemporary Art. Designed by
Moshe Safdie, it's
process and evolution fascinated me as a visual.
This series explores the meditative and spiritual
aspects of decision and choice.

The remembered experience of a natural vista is a
blend of the visual and the visceral to produce
something more than a simple record of a particular
RUSSIA  In October of 2001 we went on a previously
scheduled tour of Russian river towns.
It was cold and beautiful and the people of Russia
extended great sympathy  to us as Americans and were
so grateful that we would be interested in their country.

These paintings are the result of a painting sabbatical
on a tenuta in the Alta Merse River Valley. The history,
color and light entered my work and my life.

My first memories are of my little bedroom in a Park
Slope cold water flat in Brooklyn, New York. It was a
closed off hall with a window on each end, no heat, and
no electricity. The youth bed was marvelous with a ship
carved into the headboard.
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These paintings explore the low country as an abstract
expression of our tie to the land and the sea.
Seeking Refuge

These paintings use the horizontal format as
a springboard to explore the moods of the
salt marshes surrounding Savannah.

The print making processes allow me to create a
layered and more gestural work that is an action
oriented expression of my visual memory. Each
piece reflects the energy of the moment of creation.
PAINTINGS 2011 A page of work
from the year 2011.
PAINTINGS 2012 A page of work
painted in the year 2012
Paintings 2014 A page of work
painted in late 2013 through 2014
Paintings 2013 A page of work
painted in 2013